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Many people are in the mindset that hair extensions are only about making hair longer. They are equally effective creating thickness and body, adding highlights or lowlights fashion colours and ombre styles without harsh chemicals. The Laser beamer NANO System is the most innovative method to create natural fullness & length in a very gentle manner.

Hairdreams 100% European hair

Hairdreams is the only hair extension company that ethically sources and process their own hair. Hairdreams does not use any toxic chemicals in the depigmenting process. The result is colourfast hair. Hairdreams has a crystal polymer bond that is organic and damage free to your hair.

Smoothing Treatment

Cezanne smoothing treatment uses innovative technology. This all-natural treatment is derived from the silkworm allowing it to mimic a keratin smoothing service. Binding the all natural ingredients to the hair thus locking out frizz. Cezanne Smoothing Treatment delivers the versatility of smoother healthier hair that can be styled wavy or straight as desired.

Blond Pro

Blond Pro treatment is a revolutionary product that can be used in the salon and then followed up at home. A standalone treatment in the salon can rejuvenate damaged, fragile, lifeless hair.

Part A Allows the hair to be coloured without causing damage
Part B Is applied after the colour prior to cleansing & treating
Part C Is for you to take home and apply once a week after shampooing